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Fraud Prevention

For Lost or Stolen cards, please call 1-877-745-4582.

Great NorthWest FCU provides a 24/7 fraud monitoring service to better protect our members from fraudulent activity.

They may contact you regarding suspicious transactions from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  The following are examples only, but are typically the most common reasons that will trigger a phone call.

  1. The Frequency of transactions.  Example:  If you only use your card once a day every day and then there are several charges within a twenty-four hour period.
  2. The time of the transaction(s).  Example:  If you only use your card between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, then there is a transaction that occurs at 10:30 PM. (Call won’t go out until after 9:00 AM the following morning.)
  3. Where the transaction(s) occur.  Example:  If you live in Ilwaco and don’t travel or use your card out of the area, and then there is a transaction coming out of Seattle.
  4. The transaction amount.  Example:  If you use your card on a regular basis for everyday purchases, but no big-ticket items, then there is a transaction for $1200.00.
  5. The transaction type.  Example:  If you use your card here, there and everywhere but only at brick and mortar locations, then there is a transaction conducted online.


  • The analyst will not ask for complete information, only partial social security number and partial card number
  • The analyst will review the transactions in question after verification
  • Analysts will block the card if fraud is confirmed, any further action including new card orders and disputes must be followed up with the credit union directly

If at any time, you are not comfortable in speaking with the representative, end the conversation and call us directly.

In addition to the phone calls from Visa Fraud Prevention Services, we also have a system which monitors activity in REAL TIME.  Where VFPS may call you after the transaction happens to confirm whether the transaction was legitimate or not, this system will stop the suspicious transactions from being authorized.  It is a minute-by-minute monitor and stays on top of current fraud trends.  There are situations of “false-positives” where a legitimate transaction may be denied.  In this case, contact the Card Department to suppress monitoring to allow you to re-initiate the transaction for approval.