September Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Jennifer Arquette - the September Teacher of the Month! 

Jennifer teaches at A.J. West Elementary.  This is what was said about Jennifer:

I believe that Mrs. Arquette has gone above and beyond the expectations of a teacher. My son was struggling this year as the school year came to an end. She saw that and has stepped up to assist in any way possible. After a few teacher/Parent meetings we determined summer school at home would be our best option. Mrs. Arquette checked in with us throughout the summer, offering to meet outside of the class(summer time) if needed and has really just shown how much she cares and is willing to be there and support not only my son but me as a parent to help him succeed in school. She is always supportive and always speaks encouraging words. For him to just know that she has been there checking in as made him feel so good and he wants to succeed in what he is doing. I believe that she deserves this award for all her extra work she has done towards the end of the 17-18 school year and her continued involvement throughout the summer. Even though she will no longer be his teacher when the school year starts in just a week she has promised she will be there supporting us every step of the way. I feel that she is this way with every student she has and truly cares about her role she has in their lives. She is an amazing teacher, person and role model to all.

Congratulations Jennifer - we are lucky to have teachers like you in the Twin Harbors!

Karla Peterson