About Us

Our Mission Statement

Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union provides a safe and sound comprehensive range of financial services to our family of members.

Credit Union History

Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union was chartered in April 1953 as Schafer Mill Employees Credit Union. When Weyerhaeuser bought out Schafer Mill in 1955, the credit union became known as Twin Harbors W Credit Union. It was a state-chartered credit union serving Weyerhaeuser Company employees and their families.

In Pacific County, a credit union was started about the same time but began as a PUD Credit Union and expanded to take in county employees and eventually became a community charter, Pacific County Federal Credit Union.

In 1982, Twin Harbors W Credit Union merged with Pacific County Federal Credit Union and was known as Twin Harbors Credit Union, a state chartered credit union. The field of membership was Pacific County and the employees of the Weyerhaeuser Pulp Mill and Weyerhaeuser Sorting Yard.

In 1996, we petitioned the State of Washington for an expansion to become a community charter and it was approved in May 1996. This expanded the field of membership to anyone who works, lives or worships in Grays Harbor or Pacific Counties. In 1997, the credit union changed from state-charted to federal-chartered and became Twin Harbors Federal Credit Union.

In December of 2000, our name was changed from Twin Harbors Federal Credit Union to Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union. One reason was to better describe our field of membership and the other reason was nonmembers would get us confused with Twin County Credit Union, now Twin Star Credit Union, and Grays Harbor Credit Union who is no longer in business.

How is a Credit Union Different from a Bank?

A credit union differs from a bank or savings and loan because members actually own the credit union, and with your minimum open deposit to our share-savings account, you own a share. That’s why our savings account is called a “Share Account” and our checking account is called a “Share Draft Account.”

You can learn more about the credit union difference from this short video.

Who can Join Great NorthWest Federal Credit Union?

If you or a relative lives, works or worships in Grays Harbor, Pacific, Mason, Lewis or Wahkiakum Counties, you are eligible to join. Call us today! (360) 533-9990 or 1-800-533-8396 or come into any one of our branches.